Lost Letters

Letters to the people we see everyday, the people we will never see again and the people we have never seen before.

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November 20


Dear Charlie,

yesterday was strange. Scary, somehow. I don’t really know how to put it.

It was right after our seventh lesson, and I went to the girls in the last row - Luisa and the clique. They don’t call themselves the ‘clique’, but everyone else does. Nadja is no longer in our class anymore, so they’re just three.

Well, I sat down on Lena’s lap, just chatting - she was talking about a book she wanted to read, an autobiography our something, about this singer/actress (I don’t even know) who used to cut herself. Later, during the German lesson, a piece of paper was thrown at me.

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Letters to the Unknown: Prayer


Dear Lord,

Help me. I don’t know what to do. Who am I? What am I supposed to do? I feel like I’ve asked those questions a thousand times, but I’m still so lost. Can you help me?

Lead me.

Guide me.

I know you are out there, I know you are great and just. I know you know everything that is…

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Anonymous asked: dear kiko


Dear Kiko,

Ah, where do I start. We’ve only just met recently, and I have to keep reminding myself that. Only because you’ve left an impact on me, something even people I’ve known for a long time haven’t done yet. And I appreciate you, and I love you. And you’re my good friend, although I’m stubborn I want to thank you for dealing with me and just kind of being there. I promise to not stress you out too much, I might feed you a lil too. But thank you Kiko, for just being Kiko!

Sincerely, Jongi- Vanilla. 

P.s: The scarf you gave me saved me last night, I almost died out there in the cold!

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Dear Friend: October 24


Dear Charlie,

I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Not that I would’ve been able to do so during the last weeks anyway, but it was getting better.

I am a member of the school magazine and we were selling the little one’s today. Those are published every month - the “actual” magazine is sold two…